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Welcome to R & R Alpacas

Alpacas are members of the camelid family. They are generally mild-tempered, gregarious animals with an inquisitive nature and a penchant for bringing great delight to their owners.

There are two different breed-types: the huacaya and suri. The main difference between the two is the fleece. Huacaya fleece is more crimpy, "Teddy Bear-like". Suris have no crimp in their fleece. Their fleece forms beautiful "pencil locks" that hang down from the body in gentle, silky cascades.

Indigenous to South America, the alpaca is raised for it's soft fleece which is sheared once a year. It then can be spun into yarn with minimal preparation or used to make felt.

Alpacas stand about 36" tall at the shoulders and weigh between 100-200#.

They require only modest amounts of food(hay, pasture) plus free access to fresh water and free choice minerals. Some owners also supplement with additional grains based on nutritional needs and preferences.

There are essentially two ways to own alpacas. The first approach is to purchase the animals and raise them. The second is to purchase the animals and place them in the care of an established breeder. This is called agistment. At R&R Alpaca Ranch, we can agist your animals if you purchase them from us. Many new buyers start with two females(alpacas are herd animals and need like companionship)and purchase stud services.

The major tax advantages of alpaca ownership include employment of depreciation,capital gains treatment, and if you are an active hands-on owner, the benefit of offsetting your ordinary income from other sources with expenses from your ranching business.

Those considering entering the alpaca industry should engage an accountant for advice.

We all become alpaca owners for different reasons. Some may be looking for unique or novel pets or may be lured by the "alpaca lifestyle" and many of the associated benefits. Some may be looking to supplement retirement income or to build a full time business. Ultimately, the sustainable alpaca business will focus on quality fiber production.

There are several emerging organizations, communities and co-ops that are doing just that. R&R Alpaca Ranch belongs to the Ideal Alpaca Community which focuses on breeding decisions based on scientific measurements to produce the "Ideal Alpaca". We also belong to the North American Alpaca Fiber Producers Coop which focuses on sorting our fiber harvests into Grades, Lengths and Colors to produce exquisite,luxurious, consistently high quality alpaca products.

As alpaca breeders continue to move toward the future, they would be wise to learn as much as they can, as quickly as they can, about how to create the fiber production future many of them are "banking on". They need to create a vision of their fiber business and need to make breeding decisions based on the future they envision. They must then learn how to grow their business to match their vision.